Ridge Racer Unbounded: Launch Trailer

It looks like the classic arcade racing series Ridge Racer is getting a next-gen makeover in Unbounded, coming out March 30. A big departure from previous iterations of the series, the game now features races in a sprawling city, full of destructible obstacles, big air shortcuts, and exploding rival gang racers. The game also features a mode in which players can create their own tracks and cities and upload them, allowing daring online road warriors to try out new challenges. It looks like Namco Bandai is stepping up to the plate to compete against the likes of Burnout and Need for Speed. As long as the series signature drifts are still in game, I’m going to play this one. Check out the launch trailer below:

What do you guys think of Ridge Racer’s new look? Are you for it, or against it? Comment below!


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